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Brand New Single Just Released! 

Out today is my brand new single called "When It Rains".  This is a collaboration between myself and Bamtone (if you've seen me live, he's played with me as my drummer and back up vocalist).  Check it out on your favourite streaming platform - here's a quick link to all of them:

A new EP from The Allen Lewitt Project 

I hope you're all having a great summer - here's a bit of new music to make it even better. 

The second EP from The Allen Lewitt Project is out today.  Volume One focused on our rock based tracks and now Volume Two puts the spotlight on our acoustic based tunes.  You can check out both of these EP's on all the digital platforms.  Just click on this link and choose your preferred streaming service: 

FYI, The Allen Lewitt Project is a collaboration between Jeff Allen and myself.  All of our songs are actively being pitched to Film & TV opportunities, so keep your ears open for them! 

Take care, 


Introducing The Allen Lewitt Project 

Out today is the debut EP from The Allen Lewitt Project,  'Volume 1'.  It is the first of three themed EP's planned for release in 2019.  The Allen Lewitt Project is collaboration between myself and Jeff Allen (of the band Piewackit Quku).  It was formed as a vehicle to release the songs that we have been writing and recording for Film & Television. Our most successful placement has been a song called 'Kiss You Girl' that has so far been used 9 times on the Young & The Restless (I released it under my name back in the fall).


Apple Music

and everywhere else!

Bonus Songs from 'All Good Things' 

To coincide with the show at the Horseshoe Tavern next week, I thought it would be a good time to share a couple of new songs. I recorded them for the album 'All Good Things', but I couldn't figure out where to put them in the running order. I hope you enjoy them.  Listen here.


I'm thrilled to be playing a show at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern next month.  Here are all the key details: 

Date: Monday, February 4th. 
Where: The Horseshoe Tavern, 370 Queen Street West 
Doors: 8:30 
Showtime: 9:15 
Cost: FREE! 

I'm playing on a bill with a band called Electric Influence, so I'm doing one set and should be done by 10:00. 

I hope to see you there! 


Seasons Greetings! 

Since the release of my new album All Good Things, so many cool things have happened that I wanted to share a few with you and thank you for your support! 

First off, if you listen to music thru Apple Music or download it on iTunes there was a problem on my album launch day - my album wasn't there!  It was very frustrating for me but I'm glad to say the problem was resolved.  Here is the link for Apple Music. 

I'm really excited to let you all know that I just booked a show to play the legendary Horseshoe Tavern on February 4th, 2019.  I've added a bassist to the band, so if you were at my November show, we're now a four piece.  More details will follow in the new year.   

My album release show at C'est What was a great evening - thanks to everyone who came out and packed the house!  If you missed it, I've put together a playlist on YouTube of some of the highlights.   

So Canada Post didn't do me many favours by deciding to go on strike while my CD's were out for delivery to radio stations across the country, but I think they've all been delivered by now.   It's impossible for me to do my own radio tracking, but here are some cool things I've discovered; 

- Caper Radio 107.3 let me know that the album was #10 on their November Top Ten list. 
- Humber 96.9 put Perfect Storm into their regular rotation. 
- Radio WIGWAM's added both Perfect Storm and Best Kept Secret to their regular rotation. 
- Birch Street Radio included 'Best Kept Secret' on their Detour Show.

- CJMQ (the QUBE) has been consistently playing both Perfect Storm and Bad Habit.

A bunch of songs have appeared on some really cool playlists on Spotify.  Further to that, Spotify gives me reports of where people listen to my music  and in the past 28 days, my music has been streamed in 29 different countries - which is basically every country they service.   From Mexico to Austria, from Spain to the Philippines, from Argentina to Norway.  It's truly amazing. 

And finally, since it's the holiday season I'm offering a deal on my new CD.  Until January 1st,  if you're in Toronto I will waive any shipping fee and personally deliver it (as Santa would do!).  So if you're still looking for that perfect  stocking stuffer, look no more and visit my store. 

I wish everyone the best this holiday season and I hope you all have a Happy New Year! 

ALL GOOD THINGS available now! 

Hi Everyone! 

I'm thrilled to be able to finally share my new album with you. 'All Good Things' is my fifth album and is the proper follow up to my self-titled album, which was released in April of 2017. 

The album includes the singles, 'Best Kept Secret' and 'Perfect Storm', as well as 'Hold On', which was recently featured on an episode of the Young & the Restless in April (2018). The music weaves it's way through multiple genres, including Americana, Country and Folk/Pop, 

I have worked with a variety of guest artists in creating these songs, including; Jeff Allen (Piewackit Quku), Richard Dance (The Crawdaddy), Brian Herder, Michelle McKibbon (The Paper Chain Gang), Gareth Ebbs (Dashcam Star), Paul Bergren, T.J. Carter, and Tom Hoy. 

You can buy the CD, stream it or download it by visiting my online store

I hope you take a moment to listen. 



Radio Feature! 

I am happy to find out that I will be featured on the ALL-NEW BANDwagon this Wednesday, Nov. 21st.. Only the very best indie invited! The best new tracks this Wednesday on Radio Wigwam at 9pm UK then 9pm EST & PST. Tune in at