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Out today is a brand new album from me called Cowrites, Vol. 1.  As some of you may know, I write and record a lot of music for Film & TV sync opportunities.  What does that mean?  Well, basically I sign songs to specific music libraries that then pitch these tracks to TV shows, Films, Video Games, Commercials and more.  To increase my chances of success I collaborate with a lot of other musicians and songwriters.  As such I thought I'd start an annual tradition of releasing some of my favourite co-writes from the past year.  Tracks 5 & 9 have already been used a bunch on The Young And The Restless, while track 1 was pitched to two TV shows and a national advertising campaign just last week (it can take years for songs to end up being used, so the fact that these new tunes have already garnered some attention is very rewarding). 


My co-writer for each song is listed in parenthesis.

1. Gonna Be a Good Day (Tom Hoy) 

2. Last First Kiss (Graham Verdon) 

3. A Better Day (Tom Hoy) 

4. (We Could Be) Something Good (Katleen Dugas who is also on vocals) 

5. If We've Only Got Today (Tom Hoy & Susan Marie Simonson) 

6. Where It Hurts (Graham Verdon) 

7. Such A Beautiful Day (Tom Hoy & Susan Marie Simonson) 

8. I Can't Go Home (Tom Hoy & Susan Marie Simonson) 

9. Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight (Casey Hurowitz) 

10. 'Til I Am Home (Tom Hoy) 

And in the spirit of collaboration, the cover uses a piece of graffiti art done several years ago by my son Connor.

You can stream the album by clicking here.


Look In My Eyes Out Now! 

Out today is 'Look In My Eyes', the third song from my upcoming album 'The Beaten Path'.  I released the mellow 'Late To The Game' 12 weeks ago, the upbeat 'Stop Me In My Tracks' 6 week later, and now here's the jamming 'Look In My Eyes'.  All of these songs have garnered some nice radio play, playlist adds on Spotify and some mentions on blogs - and the promotion is really starting to pick up with only 42 more sleeps to go before the whole album drops! 

As usual, you can listen to these songs everywhere music is found. 

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Thanks for your continued support. 



Stop Me In My Tracks out now! 

Out today is the second song from my upcoming Americana album 'The Beaten Path'.  I released the mellow 'Late To The Game' six weeks ago and now here's the upbeat 'Stop My In My Tracks', it's as close to a dancing song as you'll ever hear from me!  Both of these songs have garnered some nice radio play, playlist adds on Spotify and some mentions on blogs.  As usual, you can listen to these songs everywhere music is found.  Thanks for your continued support. 


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New Album Coming, New Song Out Now 

On May 13th I will be releasing my new Americana album 'The Beaten Path'.  In advance of that I will be sharing three songs over the next few months that I feel perfectly foreshadow the overall mood and style of the album.  Leaning heavily into the Americana genre and spanning the width of what that means - from the early beginnings of The Band onto artists like Bruce Springsteen & Blue Rodeo and then all the way up to current artists like Jason Isbell, I hope that you will find a song here that you can fall in love with.   The first song is called 'Late To The Game' and can be heard everywhere music is found. 





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I look forward to sharing this music with you and I appreciate your support. 




Out today on every digital platform is a song called 'Who Doesn't Love Christmas?' (listen here).  I was asked to write this one for a Hallmark movie a couple years ago.  I had 24 hours to write and record it, and while I did so in 12, someone beat me to the punch before I could get it submitted.  I've always liked it and wanted to share it, but I had to wait for the appropriate season!


My band The Allen Lewitt Project writes and records music specifically for Film & Television opportunities.  As such, we produce a lot of content in several different genres.  Earlier this fall we decided to release one song a month in perpetuity. So far 3 have been released; Rundown, Completely Hypnotized and The Perfect Compromise (listen here).  

If you've got a Spotify account, I've created a playlist here for these tunes and  will add the new ones to it as they are released.  So if you like it, feel free to love/save the playlist.

New Cover Song EP out now! 

Most people think I'm an acoustic guitarist and singer, but when I think of myself as a musician I'm a piano player, first and foremost.  That's probably because the majority of the songs I release are written and recorded on acoustic guitar.  So with my new EP 'Familiar Friends', I wanted to put the focus back on my piano playing.  A good song is like a familiar friend and there's a personal story for me behind each of the cover songs I recorded.  'Dancing in The Dark' was the first 45 I ever owned, bought in a Zellers department store in Collingwood, Ontario.  'Cecilia' was embedded in my head as a little boy as my parents played the 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' LP a lot during the 70's at social gatherings.  And 'Drive' is from 'Heartbeat City', one of the first LP's I ever owned and it's also one of the most beautiful songs I know.  And if you're wondering about the photo, that's me with my good friend Roxy.

Listen here.

American Songwriter Feature 

I'm thrilled to be the featured member this week on American Songwriter's site. It's a great magazine (to which I'm a subscriber), website and newsletter. Check it out if you get the chance.


Back To The Party 

It’s the question we’re all asking ourselves, when will things go back to normal? 

It was just over a year ago that the world shut down and all our future plans were cancelled.  I'm an extrovert and not being able to hang out with my friends sucks.  So in response to that I got together, virtually, with my musical friends Bamtone and Piewackit. We wrote and recorded this ode to partying - hoping that we're getting closer to those happy days again. And we're releasing it just in time for all those 'law abiding' folks down in Miami trying to celebrate their Spring Break!   The song is now out wherever music can be found, just follow this link