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A new album.  A new single.  A live show.  I’m happy to share all this exciting news with you today.  Dropping today on all streaming sites and digital stores is ‘Best Kept Secret’, the lead single from my upcoming album ‘All Good Things’.  And to celebrate the launch of the album, I will be playing a live show at ‘Cest What in Toronto on November 24th.  Click here to see all the details.

Exciting News Coming October 5th 

I've got lots of exciting music news that I'm just itching to share with you all, just not yet. But if you're in Toronto, save the date November 24th. I'm playing a show on the Saturday night and all the details will be revealed shortly!

New TV & Radio Exposure 

It's been a good week for getting my music out there. 

A song of mine called 'Hold On' was featured in the opening scene of The Young & The Restless today.

And my song 'The Reason Why' got played on a new radio station yesterday - CJHR 98.7 Valley Heritage Radio. Thanks for your support!

Loose Ends: A New Collection of Some of My Old Favourites 

I’m pleased to announce the release of Loose Ends,  a collection of some of my older songs that I have recently remixed and remastered for the digital world of music we now live in. 

These songs are taken from the first three albums I released starting back in 2013.  Two of those albums have not been available digitally for a couple years and the third was never available digitally - back then I thought the CD was the thing!  

I've also included a song that was never commercially released called, "When It Comes Down To Me".  It's a tune I've always liked that pre-dates my first CD. 

While I was always happy with the songwriting and performance of these songs, I was still learning how to properly mix and record things back then, so I have taken this opportunity to go back and cherry pick my favourite ones for cleaning up, using the techniques and technology currently at my fingertips.   Though I must have been doing something right as the first song ‘Go On’ got a bunch of radio play on CBC Radio and a couple other songs have been signed to music libraries in L.A.. 

I am glad that these songs are back on the Internet and I hope you get a chance to listen to them on your favourite platform. 

Just click here to stream it on Spotify or Apple Music.

Happy New Year! 

2017 was a great year for me and I'm looking forward to an even better 2018! 

2017 saw the release of my self titled album.  Three songs from it have been played on radio across Canada;  'The Reason Why', 'Fallback (Stage Fright)' and 'Figure It Out'.  

A big shout out to The QUBE 88.9  for all the love they've shown 'The Reason Why' and 'Fallback (Stage Fright)', I'm loving the daily spins of my music.  Also, thanks to CBC Radio for national the spins of my tracks from 'John Lewitt'.   

You can stream the album on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and more.  It can also be download from my website store, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.