For the past 4 years I’ve been writing songs reflecting back on my life, specifically on my childhood experiences.  At the beginning of this year I knew I was getting close to finishing this project and I had big plans.  Then COVID hit and I had to rethink what I was going to do.  So instead of doing a traditional album launch with some live shows and merchandise, I’ve come up up with the following plan….

Starting today and continuing for the next 12 weeks I will be releasing a song every week from an album called STORIES I TELL THE SNOWMAN.  Each Friday will see a song released to all the digital streaming outlets.  And then on the following Monday I will release a unique video for each song with a short story about it.  Since you're reading this here, I’m making it really easy to follow along.   Just bookmark this page and check in on it from time to time, as it will be constantly updated over the next 12 weeks.

I've created a playlist on Spotify that I will update each week with the latest song release.  You can follow that playlist here.  And if you want to stream the song(s) on your preferred streaming service, just follow this link and you'll be able to choose whichever one you use.

ROCK & ROLL DREAMS (October 2nd, 2020)

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Every single lyric in this song is true.  As a kid, I thought all it would take to be discovered was time.  Little did I know that talent, hard work and a TONNE of luck were the prerequisites for a career in Rock & Roll.   When I was five years old, I took piano lessons for a couple years, but hated them and eventually quit - I was being trained to be a classical pianist and that really wasn’t in the cards.  When I was in grade eight I got the urge to start writing ‘songs’ which leaned heavily on the very basic piano skills I had picked up years earlier.  I bought the easy version of the sheet music to Purple Rain and played that until my fingers bleed.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

So in lieu of a live show, I'm kicking things off with an unplugged version of the first track, Rock & Roll Dreams.  Enjoy.

VIDEO KIDS (October 9th, 2020)

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This is the only song on the album which isn’t about me.  A frequent collaborator of mine, Tom Hoy, sent me a demo of this song when I was just starting out on this project.  It fit in so perfectly with the theme of looking back that I wanted to include it.  I loved the sentiment, even though I was never much of a video game player.   In the end I changed some of the lyrics so it fit a little better with the rest of the songs I was working on.    

FWIW, this is my attempt at trying to sound as modern as possible, kind of like Ed Sheeran, who my daughter was listening to a tonne when I was working on this one (I didn’t say I was successful!)

HE NEVER LET ME WIN (October 16th, 2020)

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This one was written for my father, who passed away in 2010.  We used to have a pool table in our basement and I would play countless games of snooker or Boston with him.  And as the title says, he never let me win.  Victories were always hard earned and that’s the way it should be (don’t get me started on soccer games with no scores, and participation ribbons for everyone, we coddle our children way too much nowadays!).    My Dad was a very successful man, but he was very humble.  To me, he was just my Dad and I didn’t realize his extraordinary accomplishments until I was an adult.  So this one goes out to him.

YOUNGER DAYS (October 23rd, 2020)