COVERED: An album of reimagined cover songs

I'm thrilled to announce that my album of reimagined covers songs is now out in the world for your listening pleasure.  Music can be many things - joyful, cathartic, spiritual, sad, emotional, and so much more.  But for me this album is all about fun.  And while all of the songs aren't necessarily upbeat, happy tunes, they were a blast to do.  Unshackled from having to write them, I was able to record 20 tunes over the course of several months and here are some of my favourites from those sessions.  So this Summer as you're kicking back at the beach, the pool, cooking at the BBQ or nestled inside enjoying your air conditioning, I'd love for this album to be your soundtrack.

And a shout out to Jeff Allen, who I did three songs with, and Paul Croteau who came up with the horn parts for Help!