A Canadian meets an American online.

Some messages are sent back and forth and a mutual admiration grows between the two. 

In a city, far from their homes, they meet and have dinner for first and the only time in their lives.

That date, in the distant past, is the first and last time they've ever spent in each others presence.

Yet, music knows no boundaries and it grows in mischievous ways.  The miles, nay kilometers (!), that separate these two musicians only strengthens their resolve to create what flows so naturally out of them.

Some call it Country.  Some Rock n' Roll.  But it's probably best called Americana (though one of them thinks Canadiana would be a better term for it.)

The Allen Lewitt Project are John Lewitt and Jeff Allen (Piewackit Quku). 

Listen to their debut album 476 Miles on your favourite streaming platform.


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