The Allen Lewitt Project, who are John Lewitt and Jeff Allen (, released their first official collaboration in 2019, though their working relationship goes back further than that.  Initially, Jeff added drums to some of John's songs (Hold On, Time Bomb, I Was Wrong).  Then over time he started adding bass, electric guitars and backing vocals (Best Kept Secret, Bad Habit).  It got to be such a fully collaborative relationship that they decided they should form a band.  Two of their songs, 'Kiss You Girl' and 'Hold On' have been played multiple times on the Young & The Restless.

In 2019, they released 3 EP's (Volume 1, 2 & 3) which can be found on all digital sites.

In 2020 they plan to release their first full length album. 

Their music is available on all streaming services. 

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