Loose Ends: A New Collection of Some of My Old Favourites

I’m pleased to announce the release of Loose Ends,  a collection of some of my older songs that I have recently remixed and remastered for the digital world of music we now live in. 

These songs are taken from the first three albums I released starting back in 2013.  Two of those albums have not been available digitally for a couple years and the third was never available digitally - back then I thought the CD was the thing!  

I've also included a song that was never commercially released called, "When It Comes Down To Me".  It's a tune I've always liked that pre-dates my first CD. 

While I was always happy with the songwriting and performance of these songs, I was still learning how to properly mix and record things back then, so I have taken this opportunity to go back and cherry pick my favourite ones for cleaning up, using the techniques and technology currently at my fingertips.   Though I must have been doing something right as the first song ‘Go On’ got a bunch of radio play on CBC Radio and a couple other songs have been signed to music libraries in L.A.. 

I am glad that these songs are back on the Internet and I hope you get a chance to listen to them on your favourite platform. 

Just click here to stream it on Spotify or Apple Music.