Out today on all streaming services is a brand new song called "Let Your Hair Down".  It was written and recorded last month and inspired by the state of the world as it is.  Yes times are tough, but we still need to remember to enjoy our lives when we can (safely of course!), or as I sing "let your hair down."    Click here to listen on your favourite streaming platform. 

Debuting Monday July 27th is the music video for it.  Here's the link to the premiere.  And when you check the video out feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel.  I've been releasing a live video each week of some of my favourite cover songs. 

Finally, I'm really happy to report that I've just finished my next album, a very personal one that I've been working on for the past 4 years.  I'd planned to put a band together and support it with some live shows, but instead I've come up with what I think is a very unique approach to releasing it.  The album is called 'Stories I Tell The Snowman' and it will be coming out this Fall.  Details to follow shortly. 

I hope everyone is staying safe and well. 


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