New Cover Song EP out now!

Most people think I'm an acoustic guitarist and singer, but when I think of myself as a musician I'm a piano player, first and foremost.  That's probably because the majority of the songs I release are written and recorded on acoustic guitar.  So with my new EP 'Familiar Friends', I wanted to put the focus back on my piano playing.  A good song is like a familiar friend and there's a personal story for me behind each of the cover songs I recorded.  'Dancing in The Dark' was the first 45 I ever owned, bought in a Zellers department store in Collingwood, Ontario.  'Cecilia' was embedded in my head as a little boy as my parents played the 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' LP a lot during the 70's at social gatherings.  And 'Drive' is from 'Heartbeat City', one of the first LP's I ever owned and it's also one of the most beautiful songs I know.  And if you're wondering about the photo, that's me with my good friend Roxy.

Listen here.